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Welcome to Jiangsu Magic Power!

銆銆Jiangsu Magicpower Power Supply Equipments & Technology Co., Ltd. is an acknowledged leading manufacturer in lead-acid storage battery separator industry in China. We mainly provide PE & PP battery separators and other related products for our customers both in China and abroad. We have an affiliated company Zhenjiang Magicpower Import & Export Trading Co., ltd, providing import & export services for our customers.

銆銆Our company started research & development in cooperation with some experienced experts in this industry and technical university. We worked on the main raw material of the product polyethylene, SiO2, extending oil, and key auxiliaries affecting product quality; we optimized the process of squeezing out, shaping, oil controlling, drying and surface activating. Our product, which is totally equal to imported product in quality and achieved the international advanced level, has passed the tests of the industrial official authorities and got good feedbacks from our customers in China and abroad.

銆銆We can also provide you  PP battery separaors, the complete advanced PE battery separaotr production lines, oil absorbent materials, such as oil absorbent cotton, pad, roll, boom, pillow,etc., and nonwoven fabrics for medical and industrial use. 

銆銆We are committed to providing more than just quality products for our customers, as well as offering a range of value added services including technical service and timely response to customers. We are cooperating with you not only to meet your highest expectations, but also to help you continually develop new markets. We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers from all over the world. If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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